Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Party!

This Tuesday is the perfect night for a girl’s night in since the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is airing on CBS at 10pm EST. Get your best girl friends together and enjoy watching the new extravagant pieces the Victoria’s Secret team is unveiling.

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We wanted to give you some ideas to make your viewing party even better!

  • First, pick a fun color palette. The classic colors for Victoria’s Secret are pink, white, and black. You can use those or add some of your own color ideas into the mix!
  • Find a fun, pink cocktail for you and your friends to sip on. You could choose classics like a Cosmo or a strawberry Daiquiri, or you could make up your own new drink.
  • Make some delicious desserts for you and your friends and set them up in athemeddessert spread. You can always start your diet tomorrow…
    • Chocolate is always a favorite, so feel free to make that new brownie recipe you’ve been wanting to try.
    • Pink desserts are also a great option. Whip out your cake pop maker (if you have one!) or follow these easy “how to” instructions and add some pink icing. Those are always a crowd pleaser.
photo credit: Pinterest

photo credit: Pinterest

  • For easy décor, use all of those extra Victoria’s Secret bags you’ve gotten in the past and set them around the party area. You can also use them as favor bags for your guests.
  • If you want your décor to be more elaborate, buy some pink, black and white flowers. You can put them in vases around the party area and tie a classic pink ribbon around it, or you can follow these easy “how to” instructions for a fun corset or french braid affect, or even put vases in those extra Victoria’s Secret bags.
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  • Ask your friends to wear their favorite Victoria’s Secret lounge wear, so you can watch one of the most anticipated fashion shows of the year in style.


  • Lastly, make sure your space is set up comfortably! Add some extra cushions and blankets to the room so you and your friends can be extra comfortable.

We hope you enjoy our ideas! Be sure to check out our Pinterest board for more.

Written by our intern, Emily Grosser.