Q&A with our Event Manager, George

George Martino joined our team in July as an Event Manager and has been busy managing weddings, social and corporate events. He has indeed won the hearts of our clients and we’re absolutely thrilled to have him at Karen Brown New York!

How did you get into the wedding and event industry?

George: I began a baking company in 2009 called Queens of Sweet. I was then introduced to Karen Brown and had the privilege of baking cakes for some of her events. Recently, I started a path of self-discovery and questioning my next career move then one day I received an email from Karen with an opportunity to be an Event Manager. I quickly made the call and so it began.

What do you feel are some important skills and qualities for an event manager?

George: The first skill that comes to mind is generous listening. You really need to hear what your client is looking for. Organization and calmness also come to mind, as well as a savvy knowledge of your venues, trends, and buzz of what’s happening in the industry. With these, you will have a recipe of success and make a lasting memory for your client. And in the end, a happy client is what counts.

What brings you the most joy and excitement about being an event manager?

George: Seeing the joy and love that the client is experiencing on the day of their event.

What do you feel are some of the challenges of being an event manager?

GeorgeStaying organized. On busy days, you can be handling multiple tasks while receiving several emails and phone calls from clients so it’s imperative to keep all the details straight.

Where do you get your inspiration from? 

GeorgeInspiration for me can come from so many places. When you live in a city like New York, inspiration can be walking down the street or just looking up sometimes. All the fashion, and architecture, and cultures can really inspire you to create. Television, Magazines, and Museums are also places that provide inspiration for me. You always want to be on top of trends and history because you never know where a client may ask you to go.

What advice would you give someone wanting to become a wedding and event manager? 

GeorgePASSION! The same advice I gave myself and friends about anything we do in life. Like the quote from Confucius says; “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”