Get to know a Wedding Client: Lachlyn & Andy

It’s always such an honor to work with couples to create the wedding they envision, and it’s even more of an honor when you get to do it for a personal friend. I met Lachlyn in 2004 when we both lived in Egypt and we have continued to stay in touch throughout the years. She and her husband Andy were married on the campus of West Point Military Academy with the ceremony held at the Cadet Chapel and the reception at the West Point Club. We’re happy to share their story with you!

How did you two meet?

Lachlyn: I was working in Iraq as a cultural advisor to the military. Andy was an Army officer and took me on my first patrol. I went to interview a Sunni militia member and it happened to be in the area he covered. He started inviting me to lunch at the not so romantic cafeteria when he was on my base. I had just had my heart broken and wasn’t used to dating American men, much less a soldier. But his persistence paid off. He ended up getting transferred to my unit and his desk was right next to mine. He won me over because I got to see what a great guy he was. We ended up secretly dating in Iraq for one year.

Tell us about the proposal

Lachlyn: Andy is a soldier so the 4th of July is really special for him. He asked me during the fireworks.

Why did you decide to hire a wedding planner and why did you choose Karen Brown New York to help plan your special day?

Lachlyn: I have a personal connection with Karen–we lived in Egypt together–so I know firsthand her keen eye for detail and ability to get things done.

Were there any hurdles that had to be overcome during the planning process?

Lachlyn: Yes, of course! I don’t know what I would have done without Karen, especially as we were planning a wedding in New York. Because Karen was based there she could easily handle all of the logistics involved. Also, we wanted to serve our own wine at the reception. The reception hall also got our date wrong in the planning calendar. I am glad I had Karen on my side to advocate for me. It took the stress out of the occasion.

What was the most important aspect of your wedding?

Lachlyn: I wanted to make sure that we had a ceremony and reception that represented us. Looking back, the most important part was that my husband and I had fun. Were it not for Karen I would have been stressed out by all of the little problems that will inevitably arise on a big day. Because of that, it was one of the best days of my life. Weekly I look back at pictures of our special day. I am very grateful to Karen for making these happy feelings happen.

What is most memorable about your wedding day?

Lachlyn: The most memorable part was seeing my husband on the altar at the wedding. And having people from all of my different jobs and countries I lived in come and celebrate with me.

Do you have a favorite photo from your wedding day that you would like to share? 

You can visit our Facebook page to see more of their wedding pictures! You can also see their wedding announcement on the New York Times website.