Interview with a Bat Mitzvah Client: Robin Krause

The translation of Bat Mitzvah is “daughter of commandment” and refers to a Jewish girl turning 12 years old. Traditionally this includes a religious ceremony with a party that follows to celebrate the girl’s coming of age.

We had the pleasure of working with our client Robin and her daughter Annabel to create a fun-filled, neon themed party at the Faculty House located on the campus of Columbia University. I had several meetings at their home to finalize details for decorations, review planning schedules & timelines, and filled sachets with Havdalah spices while she feed me Israeli couscous.

Here’s our interview with Robin where we discuss the bat mitzvah planning process:

Why did you decide to hire an event planner for your daughter’s bat mitzvah and why did you choose Karen Brown New York? 

Robin: I hired an event planner to help get all the details right, to help me implement some of our ideas and to give us new ideas and to organize everything on the day of the bat mitzvah so I could focus on my daughter and the important event underway.

Were there any hurdles that had to be overcome during the planning process? 

Robin: The space which I had selected before hiring Karen was a bit challenging as our party grew but Karen reorganized the tables and it all worked.

What were the benefits of having the assistance of an event planner? 

Robin: The benefits were enormous. First and foremost is the peace of mind of having a steady hand focused on making the event turn out as you want it to be. Then there are the hundreds of small and big things that crop up, whether it is photo frames for the family photos or making the place cards look so great by gluing each one to a Pom Pom. Karen and her team’s ideas, enthusiasm and professionalism were so important and helpful.

Would you recommend that others to hire an event planner for their child’s bar or bat mitzvah? 

Robin: I absolutely would.

What was your favorite aspect of the party (food, decor, etc.)?

Robin: The decor was fantastic. Karen took our ideas and made them happen except better. We had enormous balloons with illuminated ribbons in colors that gave some pop and everything else looked super as well.

Were you able to enjoy the party more because Karen Brown New York was handling the details? 

Robin: 100%!!!!

You can visit our Facebook page to see some behind the scenes pictures as we prepared for the party!