Score A Touchdown With Your Tailgate Party!

Tailgating once consisted of a simple spread and a cooler full of beers. But in todays’ trends, tailgating is just as competitive as the game. You’ve got SUV’s, trucks and buses decked out in your team’s colors. But what’s really going to get you awarded MVP [Most Valuable Planner]? Behind every player, there’s a coach.

Game On – Rain or Shine 

You’ll be on your feet so make sure you’re dressed comfortably. And bring an extra set of clothes in case of BBQ or beer spillage.

Get Amp’d

It’s not enough to be seen, you’ve got to be heard. Bump up your stereo with a collection of 80s, 90s and Top 40’s hits – and don’t forget to include your team’s fsong.

Go Big or Go Home 

You’re game isn’t until 4PM? Our ultimate tailgate party would include multiple TV’s and seating – you don’t want your guests wandering off for updates. You’ve got to have the essentials; a canopy and freestanding bar. And let’s throw in a synthetic turf so you can practice your best touch down dance!

Prioritize by putting beer, soda and coffee out first. Then set up some traditional games like corn hole, ring toss and beer pong – this will keep your guests entertained until those ribs are cooked to perfection. Don’t forget, if your heart isn’t in the game then you’re just having a cookout. Menu items like burgers and hot dogs are staples but if you want to stand out you should establish a theme that reflects who you and your opponent are. For example, when the Jets play the Patriots you could serve up some NYC hot dogs and New England chowder.

image from ESPN

image from ESPN

-written by Kim Dyleuth, Fall 2014 intern