“Something Old, New, Borrowed & Blue”

As weddings become more modern, there are ways to keep tradition without sacrificing the style of this special event. The old rhyme, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue,” can be incorporated into any theme. What exactly does this rhyme mean? These four things that a bride incorporates on her wedding day are just good luck charms, and most often tokens of love from members of her family. Each item represents something that will carry her into this new chapter of her life. Something old represents continuity, while something new represents optimism. Something borrowed represents borrowed/shared happiness, and something blue represents purity and love. There are so many unique ways to integrate these four things, and here are a few ideas from Karen Brown New York!

Something Old

This one is a little easier than the others. It could be a heirloom or antique that runs in the family, or even something from when the bride was young. There are also many unique ideas, here are just a few:

  • If someone you know has a vintage car, use it as your transportation on your wedding day (you can even rent one!)
  • Use a childhood pillow for the ring bearer to carry the wedding rings on
  • Hold the wedding at a historic venue
  • Wear something that your mother (or any woman in your family) wore on their wedding day, or find a way to incorporate it into your dress, veil, or hair

Something New

This is only difficult because it could really be anything – I mean if you think about it, at least one thing that the Bride wears on her wedding day is new. A lot of brides count their new wedding dress, shoes, or jewelry as their “something new.” But there are ways to make this a little more unique:

  • Custom perfume – this could even be created by the husband, or other family members
  • A new piece of jewelry, engraved with the date, initials of the couple, or something that means a lot to them
photo from www.fragranceshopnewyork.com

photo from www.fragranceshopnewyork.com

Something Borrowed

This is something that should belong to family or a close friend – and again, it could be anything. Whether it is the bride’s sisters, mothers, or best friends, it should be someone that is close to her heart. Here are a few ideas on what to give her to borrow:

Photo from Etsy shop linenwhites

Photo from Etsy shop linenwhites

Something Blue

This is where you can get more unique with the ideas – something blue can be incorporated in SO many ways. Here are some unique ideas:

  • Wear blue shoes, or paint the bottoms of the shoes blue
  • Wear jewelry with blue stones in it such as aquamarine, tanzanite, topaz, or opals
  • Paint your toenails blue
  • Sew something blue on the inside of your wedding dress