Cotton Candy & Cracker Jacks!

After several phone conversations and a signed contract, I finally got to meet my corporate client in person at their Midtown office. They have a group called the PPC (Party Planning Committee) who has the task of organizing their office parties and for the first time they’ve decide to hire outside help. That’s when they contacted me for their 1st Annual Company Picnic!

When first meeting a client, I like to greet them with a gift to get them excited about their upcoming event. For this client, I put together a fun basket full of carnival themed treats. I chose this idea because their thought is to have a carnival themed picnic in Central Park.

I picked up the basket from Chelsea Market Baskets and bought a variety of carnival themed treats from various shops around the city, including cake pops from Ruthy’s at Chelsea Market. I also made a carnival flag by hand with their company name.

They were so thrilled to receive this basket of goodies and now they’re thinking about doing something similar for the employee’s children at the picnic!