Party at the Brooklyn Clock Tower!

Today I met my client at his apartment, the famous clock tower of Brooklyn, to drop off items for his birthday cocktail party this weekend. One Hanson Place, a luxury apartment building, was once the Williamsburgh Savings Bank Tower and is still one of the world’s tallest four-sided clock towers.

I was in awe of the interior space and my client was kind enough to show me the old bank lobby which is now still used for events and parties.

The building also has an intimate lounge for residents to use for private parties which is where my client is having his cocktail party. It’s a great space with a nice size kitchen and includes a terrace overlooking Brooklyn.

Now that I have dropped off all the bits and pieces everything is set for Saturday’s party; bartender by A-List Event Staffing, catering by Brooklyn Fare and all the other necessary items to make the party complete!