Celebrating Earth Day: Wedding & Event tips for Going Green

With all the buzz about “going green” these days, you may be wondering how that can translate into your wedding or special event? According to environmental studies, the average American wedding can create up to 600 pounds of garbage and 63 tons of carbon dioxide – which is equivalent to the emissions from 7,089 gallons of gas consumed!

Going Green for your wedding or event doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style or elegance. There are so many creative ways you can incorporate eco-friendly ideas and save money:

Paper Goods: It is becoming more common to send Save-the-Dates and Invitations electronically through sites such as PaperlessPostGreen Envelope and SplashThat. If you prefer not to use one of their stock templates you can always find a designer on Etsy or Fiverr to help you create a more personal design. You can also forgo printed programs and menus by creating a website on sites such as AppyCouple and Eventbrite, with all the important information and asking guests to download the corresponding app on their smartphone.

Travel: Whether traveling by car or plane, CO2 emissions are inevitable. You can offset your carbon footprint by joining forces with organizations such as Carbon Fund or booking eco-friendly accommodations through companies such as Travelocity’s “Travel for Good” program. This carbon foot print calculator can help you figure out how to offset and minimize your the impact on the environment.

Gift Registry: If your’re a resident of New York City, chances are you already have everything you need and little space for anything extra. However, many guests still don’t want to show up to your wedding or event empty handed. A few alternative ideas for registries are; Upon Our Star - contributions to your home downpayment, Honeyfund - contributing to your honeymoon, GradSave - contributions to your future child’s college fund, or I Do Foundation - contributions to your favorite charities.

Apparel: Through the sales of donated wedding dresses, Brides Against Breast Cancer is a wonderful organization that raises money for wellness and educational services for those impacted by cancer. It’s not only a great way to “recycle” a wedding dress but it’s also a great way to give back to a good cause. Other eco-friendly options include shopping at your local consignment store or borrowing a wedding dress from a family member and having it tailored to your size and your style.