Get to Know a Tailor: Jean Kormos

Looking back at pictures from the events you’ve either attended or been a part of, attire is one of the first things you notice. It tells a story of the type of event it was, either casual or formal, or traditional verses edgy. That’s why someone like Jean Kormos from Ghost Tailor is such an important part of the event planning process, especially when it comes to creating one of a kind, unique pieces, or tailoring an existing piece to make it more your own. We’re excited for you to get to know Jean and see some photos of her creative designs!

How did Ghost Tailor begin? 

Jean: My challenge when I opened Ghost Tailor was to see if I could make what people asked for. I opened in a little storefront in the East Village and answered requests that literally walked in the door. Very early on I met a stylist who worked with Annie Liebovitz. She asked if I’d make outfits for photo shoots. I remember making harem pants for a prominent financier, a Marilyn Monroe halter dress for an actress with a very exaggerated figure and a head to toe body suit for a star basketball player. We didn’t even have body measurements! I became good at using whatever information I could figure out. I compared photographs of people and added and subtracted to dimensions by guess. I find details of fit very interesting. 

How far in advance should a client come to you for tailoring or custom made apparel? 

Jean: It’s nice to have time to let a design ‘cook’ and develop but I do rush commissions when my calendar allows. I’m most often asked to make gowns and I like to have at least 1 or 2 months. Alterations or re-design need less lead time.

Which do you prefer more, tailoring or creating unique pieces? 

Jean: I really like both modifying existing garments and constructing new ones. I learn so much from handling pieces and seeing how others make things. I often work for a couture design house and am thrilled to see and touch pieces right off the Paris runway and to make them work for specific people and specific events. I love the details of craftsmanship. 

Do most clients come to you with their own designs or do they give you creative license to come up with a design? 

Jean: Most women have an idea of what they want but need encouragement to express themselves. I encourage them to show me as many images as they like, to point out all the details they like and convey a mood. I ask lots of questions about the event, date and location and learn about the client’s personality. I sketch ideas and suggest silhouettes and offer suggestions.

What is your favorite part about working with a client? 

Jean: My favorite part about working with a client is seeing her see what we can do. There’s almost always a moment in the process where I see my client see herself in the mirror looking beautiful. It’s often during a toile fitting which is funny because the toile will be the wrong fabric with raw edges, 100 pins and pen marks. She sees past that to the finished look.

Would you mind sharing a photo of some of your favorite work and tell us why they’re your favorite? 

Jean: I’d like to share 2 different gowns.

The first was a fun challenge. The lovely bride is 4’11” tall and people kept telling her what she couldn’t do. She has a strong personal image and it was a total pleasure making her happy. Her gown is iridescent silk taffeta and silk organza.


I also loved making this gown. It was simple and elegant but the contrast between the gold leather and the creamy silk was young and interesting:

What is the best way for potential clients to get in touch with you? 

Jean: Call or email to set up an appointment; (212) 253-9727 or

Ghost Tailor has been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings and Huffington Post.

The Scoop on NYC’s #1 Luxury Pet Hotel!

There is certainly a lot to think about when planning your special day. Everything has to be organized down to the last detail – and it is not always easy to remember every single thing that needs to be done. One detail that is often forgotten is where your dog will stay on the night of your wedding, and for the length of your Honeymoon! While you two are off celebrating your special day and the days that follow, it is important to make sure that your furry friends are being well taken care of. Why not give them a vacation as well? A luxurious pet hotel in Chelsea is the perfect option! We interviewed the owner, Kerry Brown, to get more information for all of you. She is also a client, so we threw in a few questions about her upcoming wedding!

Do you accept any type of dog?

Kerry: As long as dogs present valid vaccines and pass our Temperament Test, we take any kind of dog.  We don’t breed discriminate! 

What types of services do you offer?

Kerry: We offer everything from overnight boarding to daycare to spa and grooming services.

What do the dogs do while they are staying at the hotel?

Kerry: Dogs can play in our dog parks (separated by size and temperament), chill in their suites (some of our suites are larger than most NYC apartments, boasting full size beds and 42 inch flat screen TVs!). We have a gym called Pant where dogs can get workouts, a spa where they can get fun pampering services like PAWdiures, a private chef for fresh meals and a chauffeur service.

How many dogs typically stay at the hotel at a time?

Kerry: That’s tough to say. During the week we get tons of daycare dogs…and then certainly during the weekends and especially holidays it gets crazy with dogs sleeping over. It’s like a slumber party!

What type of facilities do you have at the hotel?

Kerry: We have expansive dog parks, with rubberized floors so it’s super soft for the dog to play on. Our spa offers a wide variety of services and every one f our suites has a flat screen tv to keep the dogs company

What separates you from other pet hotels?

Kerry: Our staff and their experience (and utter love for the dogs) is second to none. Our attention to every detail, whether its medications, special meals, workouts, what have you.

Our boarding is also super unique because at a traditional kennel, dogs have to stay in cages or board altogether in one room.  Our suites allow the dog to get tons of play during the day but then wind down and relax as thy retire to bed for room service and sleep.  

How far in advance should a stay be booked?

Kerry: For holidays, we recommend booking several weeks in advance.  For daycare, dogs can come and go as they please once they are set up in our system.

What is the best way for potential clients to get in touch with you?

Call 646.478.PUPS or email us:

For more information on the hotel, check out their website at

You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


 How did you two meet?

Kerry: At the gym on the upper west side.

Tell us about the proposal.

Kerry: We were in Hawaii! Chris proposed on the island of Lanaii at a beautiful resort.   We spent the rest of the day at the pool (i was sort of on a cloud!) and then had a lovely dinner complete with tiki torches and sushi :).

Why did you decide to hire a wedding planner?

Kerry: I am a control freak and have thrown many events. I knew if I didn’t hire someone, I would find myself folding chairs and refilling wine glasses!

Do you have any plans for your wedding (i.e. theme, colors, etc.)?

Kerry: Rustic beachy :).  It will be held at my great grandparents beach house in ocean city, New Jersey.  The ceremony will be in the sand and the reception on the lawn. Fun!