Winter Relocation!

Since January is more or less “off season” for weddings and events in New York City we essentially close shop to focus on the business side of Karen Brown New York. This year I decided to relocate to Australia since it’s officially summer here! Although we are not taking on any weddings or events for January, we are still accepting new clients for 2015.

We will resume more consistent blog posts and our social media efforts in mid-February.

Stay warm, fellow east coasters!

The San Gennaro Feast, NYC!

I met up with a friend over the weekend for dinner and on our way to the restaurant we decided to walk through the San Gennaro Festival in Little Italy, taking place until September 23. This year marks the 86th year of the festival (or “feast”) which is an 11-day celebration of “faith and redemption, a time for remembrance and reconciliation, and a time for celebration.”

The festival features religious precessions, parades, musical entertainment, carnival games, a variety of food stands and arts & crafts including jewelry! It’s a fun experience if you have time to check it out before it ends.

NYC Century!

Yesterday my beau and I completed our last organized ride of the year, the NYC Century. The ride started in Manhattan and traveled through Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and finished back at Central Park. We couldn’t have asked for better weather – temperatures were in the 70’s with humidity at around 40%. Start time was 6am which was really nice since there weren’t any street closures and traffic was basically non-existent. I really enjoyed getting to ride thorough different parts of New York City, seeing parks and neighborhoods I never knew existing. One of the moments that stands out the most is watching the sunrise over the Verrazano Bridge as we were heading towards Coney Island and the Rockaways.

I felt really strong throughout the ride until we discovered we had underestimated the route about 10 miles. What I thought was our last rest stop was in fact the second to last! The last stop was at Van Cortlandt Park and at that point I almost burst into tears and felt completely defeated. 

All I could think about was finding the closest subway stop and getting on the next available downtown train! My boyfriend kept encouraging me and reminding me of how well I’ve done so far and I knew if I didn’t make it to the finish line I would be really disappointed in myself. That kept me going, plus the fact that I knew two of my dearest friends would be at the finish line waiting for me – one was bringing a piece of cake from Jean Georges and the other a cold beer! You can’t beat sugar and carbs straight to the blood stream after riding 100+ miles! I can now close my riding season with a bang and I can’t wait to dive back into yoga for the fall!