Bonjour from Montreal!

This past weekend I had the privilege of joining one of my bride’s for a girl’s weekend to Montreal – a city full of flavor, exquisite architecture and a seductive appeal with their logo incorporating pair of red sultry lips! The main purpose of the trip was for my bride and her girlfriends to run the Banque Scotia 21K (half-marathon) which they successfully completed while I was cheering them on from a distance over a plate of eggs benedict and a cup of tea at brunch! Unfortunately they just couldn’t convince me hard enough to run and I stuck to my excuse of only being a yogi and cyclist.

The weekend also included several spa treatments, lots of amazing food from some of Montreal’s top restaurants and some much needed face time with my bride at Le Petit Hotel to go over plans for her June 23rd wedding at the West Point Club located on the West Point Military Academy. We hashed out the theme (at least 85% of it!) and set deadlines for accomplishing items on our two-month checklist. Overall I would say it was a very successful and productive weekend with some much needed relaxation (at least for myself!).

If you have never been to Montreal I would highly recommend it, but more so in warmer weather! I would also have to agree with the often stated comparison that it is the Paris of North America, only with English being widely spoken. Some of the restaurants we enjoyed were Le Local for a late dinner with a buzzing bar and lounge atmosphere, Chuck Hughes’ Le Bremner for a unique dining experience, and Le Communion for a shared, family style brunch.