A Penthouse Party!

This past Saturday was my client’s joint 30th birthday party with her boyfriend, an event we have been planning since early August. Their ideal venue was a hotel penthouse with a view, preferably close to Central Park. After contacting close to a dozen hotels they decided to go with 6 Columbus and I’m so glad they did! The hotel was amazing to work with and the staff were extremely helpful and accommodating.

One of the keys to a successful party is to ensure that you have a reliable team and I am so thankful that I do! I was on vacation in the UK last week and didn’t return until the night of the party. I relied heavily on my assistant and the contracted vendors to make sure everything was in order and ran smoothly until I was able to get there. When I arrived (an hour and a half after the party start time) and walked through the penthouse door I received such a warm welcome from my client and their guests. There’s nothing like hearing your name shouted and accompanied with praise! That is unquestionably one of the highlights of my job, seeing people happy and knowing that I took part in creating special memories for them.

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