An Afternoon in the Flower District!

Yesterday I was in the flower district getting ideas for an upcoming party when I came across a Chinese massage parlor.

I had been meaning to schedule a massage for weeks but just haven’t gotten around to doing it. My entire body has been in knots, especially my neck and shoulders (from being hunched over on a bike for so many miles!), not to mention the tightness I feel in my legs from the training rides I’ve been doing to gear up for my next Century. I decided to give this place a try and I have to say it was one of the best massages I have had in a long time! The place is called Taiji Body Work and they’re located on W. 27th at 7th Avenue. For $50 I got a 60 minute deep tissue massage which included hot stones and 10 minutes of foot reflexology. For a tired and achy body, this was heaven to me! If you’re looking to relieve some stress, I would highly recommend Taiji! They have three locations in the city, Chelsea, Greenwich Village and the Upper West Side. Just remember, this is a Chinese massage parlor so don’t expect the environment to be as serine as a Bliss Spa.

Since I was in the area I decided to walk by FIT to see their window display. They always seem to have something unique and right now they have a Barbie display called the “Pink Issue”. It was fun to see and reminisce on my days as a child and how I was completely obsessed with Barbie. I had every accessory, car and house imaginable and probably continued to play “house” with them until the 6th grade!