Holiday Party at Madame Tussaud’s!

Hands down, one of my favorite client holiday parties this year was at Madame Tussaud’s. I had never been inside the museum before my first site visit during the planning process. It just felt like one of those touristy type attractions that you would only go to if you were a tourist but after going I was actually quite impressed with the realness of statues and the grandeur of the Star Room, the private room for events.

The museum is over 85,000 square feet and has over 200 wax figures expanding through nine levels. There are several different rooms which group the wax figures into genres; actors, news anchors, sports figures, musicians, politicians, superheroes, and more. There is even one level dedicated just to New York; Statue of Liberty, a Yellow Cab, famous New Yorkers such as Woody Allen, Al Roker, Matt Lauer, Beyonce, the Rockettes, etc.

On the day of the party, festivities started at my client’s office with a “Yankee Swap” (also known as “White Elephant”) gift exchange and custom holiday cookies by Me Too Cakes.

A few hours later I helped prepare the in-house cocktail party, then headed to Madame Tussaud’s to set up final decorations and make sure everything was ready to go before guests arrived.

The party started with cocktails in the Star Room, a star-studded affair including the newly unveiled Jennifer Aniston!

From there, guests went on a self-guided tour of the wax museum, ending with a Superhero short film in the 4D Cinema, a ultra-sensory experience with special effects including wind, snow, mist, scent and digital surround sound.

Guests were then brought back to the Star Room for a buffet dinner, more cocktails and delicious dessert!

Catering by Café Metro, one of the preferred vendors for Madame Tussaud’s.

Catering by Café Metro, one of the preferred vendors for Madame Tussaud’s.

Cake by Me Too Cakes

Cake by Me Too Cakes

Cake by Me Too Cakes

Cake by Me Too Cakes

At the end of the night everyone left with a custom cake pop (or two!) from Haute So Sweet.

To see more pictures, please visit the Karen Brown New York Facebook page.

A Penthouse Party!

This past Saturday was my client’s joint 30th birthday party with her boyfriend, an event we have been planning since early August. Their ideal venue was a hotel penthouse with a view, preferably close to Central Park. After contacting close to a dozen hotels they decided to go with 6 Columbus and I’m so glad they did! The hotel was amazing to work with and the staff were extremely helpful and accommodating.

One of the keys to a successful party is to ensure that you have a reliable team and I am so thankful that I do! I was on vacation in the UK last week and didn’t return until the night of the party. I relied heavily on my assistant and the contracted vendors to make sure everything was in order and ran smoothly until I was able to get there. When I arrived (an hour and a half after the party start time) and walked through the penthouse door I received such a warm welcome from my client and their guests. There’s nothing like hearing your name shouted and accompanied with praise! That is unquestionably one of the highlights of my job, seeing people happy and knowing that I took part in creating special memories for them.

For more pictures please visit the Karen Brown New York Facebook page.

Catch-up over Cake Pops!

After being a repeat cake pop customer of Haute So Sweet, I finally got the chance to catch up with the owner Michelle this week at Birch Coffee.

After doing a lot of business with a vendor it’s always nice to be able connect on a personal level. As a relatively new business owner I’m always looking for ways to improve my processes and structure and Michelle had a lot of great advice to share! I was also able to see more of her cake designs and learn more about that side of her business. She even brought me red velvet and cookies & cream cake pops which was such a thoughtful gift, especially since I’m always ordering them for my clients and never get to indulge myself!

Clown Pops!

I like to close out events by sending my clients a gift and for my recent corporate client I chose to send them custom cake pops by Haute So Sweet. I decided to go with a clown since their event was a carnival themed picnic.

Michelle from Haute So Sweet delivered them personally to my client and they were absolutely thrilled with the afternoon sweet treat! Michelle even put my logo on a few of the pops which I just loved.

Sweet Pops & Fashion!

If you’re in the Austin area and are looking for custom cake pops, check out Sweet Pop! I ordered a dozen custom pops to have delivered for my dear friend’s birthday today, co-founder of the popular “name your price” jewelry auction Ball + Chain. Ashley is a fashionista on a budget (check out her blog!) so I requested designer label pops, as well as a few with her business logo.

If you’re into the latest fashions, trends in jewelry and love  accessories, check out Ball+Chain’s NAME YOUR PRICE auction which is held every Tuesday at 8:00pm CST. There is FREE SHIPPING on all sales!

Cotton Candy & Cracker Jacks!

After several phone conversations and a signed contract, I finally got to meet my corporate client in person at their Midtown office. They have a group called the PPC (Party Planning Committee) who has the task of organizing their office parties and for the first time they’ve decide to hire outside help. That’s when they contacted me for their 1st Annual Company Picnic!

When first meeting a client, I like to greet them with a gift to get them excited about their upcoming event. For this client, I put together a fun basket full of carnival themed treats. I chose this idea because their thought is to have a carnival themed picnic in Central Park.

I picked up the basket from Chelsea Market Baskets and bought a variety of carnival themed treats from various shops around the city, including cake pops from Ruthy’s at Chelsea Market. I also made a carnival flag by hand with their company name.

They were so thrilled to receive this basket of goodies and now they’re thinking about doing something similar for the employee’s children at the picnic!