Get to know a Wedding Client: Rebecca & Mitch

Planning a wedding is truly an amazing thing – for some, their wedding day is one of the most important days of their lives. We feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Rebecca and Mitch in planning their wedding at F.E.A.S.T. at Round Hill in Washingtonville, New York on December 21, 2013. It was a beautiful and heartfelt ceremony (there wasn’t a dry eye in the room!) and the reception was indeed a night to remember! We are grateful to have been a part of their special day and are excited to share their story with you!

How did you two meet?

Rebecca: Hannah Zisman! She was a co-worker of mine who met Mitch at a dinner party. She then told me that she wasn’t sure why, but she thought I would like this guy. She was right. We fit together. We share the same sense of humor and we have the same zest for life. He’s incredible to be around.

Tell us about the proposal.

Rebecca: It was rather simple. And really, there’s a bit of a punchline too. He proposed to me in bed. It seems that he carried the ring around for a week, looking for the right moment. In the end, he realized that something calm and natural felt right. So he put my ring on my finger a few moments before we fell asleep—while we were in the middle of recapping all of the things that we had done that weekend. We are constantly testing the limits of our time, so our favorite thing to do is look back and reflect on how much we squeeze into our hours together. (We took this approach to wedding planning, too, as we did it all in well less than a year!)

Why did you decide to hire a wedding planner and why did you choose Karen Brown New York to help plan your special day?

Rebecca: I often handle events for work and I know how many moving parts there are. While it was tempting to “do it ourselves,” it was important for us to enjoy our day. To us, there was a hard deadline, the wedding itself was an investment, and we wanted to get the wisdom of someone who had seen it all and knew how to handle everything.

Karen is just so organized, so easy to work with and has such taste that I really trusted her. Working with her allowed us both to let go.

Were there any hurdles that had to be overcome during the planning process?

Rebecca: For me, I considered myself lucky to find someone who was a true life-partner. Everything else was a minor detail. Keeping this perspective helped. Of course the wisdom of a seasoned planner was priceless as well!

And we were fortunate. We built a tight timeline leading up to the event and for the event itself. It all went according to plan! It got exciting when we could actually visualize the day. I was waiting for that feeling forever (as I’m such a visual person) and about a month out, we were 100 percent confident it was going to be great. Granted, we planned the whole thing in a little more than six months!

What was the most important aspect of your wedding?

Rebecca: The deep, and personal involvement of my friends made it most meaningful for me. My husband and I are most proud of that. We knew all of the integral people intimately or got to know them intimately throughout the process. If I could, I’d love to thank them here. The Dessertist, Sam, has been a dear friend of mine and after years of enjoying her artistic desserts, I can tell you that she really outdid herself that day! She worked closely with F.E.A.S.T. at Round Hill (a fabulous venue, which I would recommend to anyone), borrowing their kitchen starting at 10 a.m. that morning, and she filled an entire dessert bar. Working from our theme—black and white—she developed a variety of treats, each unusual and delicious and it gave us something unexpected. My two great friends Kelly Hushin and Jackie Kalmenson did my makeup and hair, respectively. Jessie Landivar was right there with me throughout and she made my bouquet. Royce Epstein was an incredible DJ. And of course, Karen Brown was in the driver’s seat!

What is most memorable about your wedding day?

Rebecca: I have two favorite memories. First, we had a beautiful ceremony, led by Rabbi Darcie Crystal. Her warmth filled the room. We were so pleased with the depth and joy that she brought to out special moment. Second, Roxann Waters surprised me with a spontaneous rope tied out of napkins. No one had ever seen a bride jump rope in a gown before. Roxann is one of the most thoughtful people I know.

Do you have a favorite photo from your wedding day that you would like to share?

Rebecca: I have many. If I had to pick, it would be Mitch and I in the snow. Did I mention that it was a freakishly warm day for December? It was nearly 60 degrees with snow on the ground from the week before. The other is with my dad and I.