Get to Know a Custom Suit Tailor: Jason Enlow

There’s always so much buzz about what the Bride will wear on the wedding day but not a lot of talk about what the groom will wear. Just like brides, grooms should have options in style, color and fabrics for their suits. At Claremont Bespoke they make an effort to create an fun experience while making sure the groom will look his best on the wedding day. Get to know Claremont Bespoke:

How did Claremont Bespoke begin? 

Jason: In 2009, I was working for an investment bank and was in the market for a few new suits. I wanted a high quality garment without having to sell a kidney to get one. The only options for such suits were the Asian tailors that would sell out of hotel rooms. I thought there was an opportunity to create something that allowed men like me to get quality at an affordable price, from someone on this side of the world.

What is the mission of your company?

Jason: To define the sartorial philosophy of every man we dress.

What is the best part of designing these suits for a wedding? 

Jason: 90% of the time this will be the first custom garment for the groom, so it has to be the look of pride on the groom’s face.

What separates you from other custom suit tailors?  

Jason: It would have to be the level of involvement with each wedding. I source the fabric specifically for each wedding. When the final product is delivered, I often get invited to the wedding. I created the entire outfit for this groom. Shoes, shirt, and suit. As you can see I am involved in the grooms look for the big day.

What is the process like when a wedding party decides to hire you to create their suits? 


  1. Consultation with bride and groom to determine style of garments, number of garments and budget.
  2. Develop and send a style guide and swatches to the groom for approval.
  3. Get measurements for all individuals in the wedding party and set up a payment structure.
  4. Create garments and set a time for the first fitting.
  5. Perfection!!!!!

How many different options do clients have when designing a suit? 

Jason: Lol… More than they will ever need! We try to accommodate all the requests of our clients.

How far in advance should someone contact you?  

Jason: For a large wedding party, I think 3 months is adequate. I have delivered in as little as 3 weeks but that is not recommended.

Would you mind sharing a photo of some of your favorite suits that you have created and tell us why their you’re favorite? 

Jason: The first wedding I ever did! It is still my favorite suit.


A classic mohair tuxedo, with peak lapels:

I love this suit, but the love the couple more!

What is the best way for potential clients to get in touch with you? 

Jason: Email is always the best,

You can visit Claremont Bespoke on their website and follow them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.