Jonathan’s Rooftop Marriage Proposal!

On March 26, a crisp Spring day in Chelsea, our client Jonathan proposed to his boyfriend Michael at The Lodge, Gallow Green’s “winter” rooftop.

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Jonathan first contacted me in February and told me about his plans to be in NYC (he lives in Alabama) at the end of March for a work trip and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to bring his boyfriend of 7 years and pop the question. He wanted a place that was unique and had an outdoor space but also wanted it to represent them as a couple. One of my first recommendations was the rooftop at Gallow Green.

The restaurant, The Heath, has an artsy, speakeasy feel that I thought would be perfect for dinner and entertainment pre-proposal (they have live music nightly), then have them move to the rooftop in a private area for the proposal. So after having a FaceTime call with Jonathan to see the space from Alabama he was sold! Well sort of. He, like most guys who plan to propose to their significant other, tend to have second thoughts on the location but I assure them that those are normal pre-proposal jitters!

The night went off without a hitch! Jonathan and Michael arrived to The Heath for dinner at 6:30pm and were seated right by the stage.

They’re in the booth in the far left corner (you can see the top of their heads).

At the end of dinner, and before dessert, we had actors from The McKittrick Hotel grab both Jonathan and Michael separately to take them on a “mysterious” tour. This was an excuse to get them to the rooftop where the proposal was going to take place. We set up the rings, a bottle of champagne and dessert in the private area where a firepit was burning.

Jonathan arrived first to prepare himself for the proposal, then about 10 minutes later Michael’s actress brought him to the proposal location (picture below).

Once Michael entered the private area he saw Jonathan sitting on the sofa. He had no idea what was about to happen! Jonathan begin expressing his love to Michael and the proposal began.


As you can see from the picture below as I was trying to take paparazzi shots from behind a pine tree and I thought I had been caught red handed by the direct look in my direction from Michael!

After some heartfelt words, laughter and maybe a few tears (mainly from me!) Michael said YES! I then jumped out from behind the pine trees and we celebrated with champagne, then they were off to see Sleep No More!

Photographer: Karen’s iPhone (paparazzi style!)
Venue: The Heath (dinner)
Venue: The Lodge rooftop at Gallow Green (proposal)

Written by Karen Brown.