Martini Glasses & Sales Tax!

I spent the afternoon searching for 30 martini glasses for a client’s upcoming 40th birthday party, all which needed to match. You wouldn’t think this would be a hard task in New York City but it was quite the challenge! I ended up at Pier 1 near Union Square but they had less than half of what I needed. The sales associate was kind enough to call the Jersey City location and luckily they had the remaining amount I needed.

I immediately headed to the PATH train and went straight Jersey City. When I got to Pier 1 I went to the counter to pick up the glasses and when the associate rang me up and gave me the total I was in shock! I couldn’t understand why I was paying less for the same glasses in Jersey City than I did in Manhattan? This is when I discovered that the sales tax in Jersey City is less than half of what it is in NYC! I’m not exactly sure when but New Jersey created an program called Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ) which is supposed to help “foster an economic climate that revitalizes designated urban communities and stimulates their growth…”.  Needless to say, at a tax rate of 3.5% I may need to start doing more shopping in Jersey City!