Last Minute Thanksgiving Decor Ideas!

Thanksgiving is approaching fast, and we wanted to give all you fabulous hosts some ideas to make your Thanksgiving decor amazing, even if you don’t have much time to plan.

photo credit: pinterest

photo credit: pinterest

  • Shoppingcan be crazy the day before Thanksgiving, so use what you have around the house.

    • Grab some fall flowers and pumpkins and use them as centerpieces.

    • Use votive candles to create simple ambiance in seconds. Lighting can make the biggest difference.

    • Grab leaves or acorns from outside and put them in mason jars or apothecary jars.

photo credit: pinterest

photo credit: pinterest

  • Leaves are always an awesome go-to for Thanksgiving décor.

    • Cut out leaves from paper bags or copy paper and decorate them as nametags for guests.

    • If you live in an area where the leaves have fallen, grab some from outside, spray paint them, and use a sharpie to label your delicious dishes.

photo credit: pinterest

photo credit: pinterest

  • Using festive fall colors will also give the perfect Thanksgiving ambiance to your dinner.

    • Oranges, reds, and yellows are always a fall staple.

    • Use festive colored dishes, tableclothes, and napkins.

    • Spray paint your leaves, pumpkins, and pinecones fall colors like gold or burgundy before you put them in your clear mason jars.

photo credit: pinterest

photo credit: pinterest

We hope our easy décor ideas will help anyone who is stressed about hosting friends and family for Thanksgiving this year. Be sure to check out our Pinterest board for more ideas. The whole team at Karen Brown NY wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday!

*Written by Emily Grosser, intern. All images have been taken from Pinterest.

From Ordinary to Extraordinary: 3 Tips for Your Reception Table

How do you take your reception tables from ordinary to extraordinary? It’s all about accessorizing! We’ll skip the centerpiece because that’s a given and focus on 3 other key elements for your tablescape.

1. Linens

Linens are the base for your table setting and is the unifying piece to each and every item that’s put on top of them. You’ll want the color and texture to match your theme but be sure that it’s not too overpowering. Don’t forget about layering. That’ll give your table a subtle, yet diverse look.

photo credit:

photo credit:

2. Napkins

You may not realize this but the napkin presentation can either make or break the entire look of your table. It’s the first thing that guests see when they seat themselves at a dinner table. Try different folds, fun colors and holders to figure out which works best with the rest of your arrangement.

3. Make It Personal

Place settings are not only a time to get creative but also a time to get personal. When you add something meaningful to your table it creates an intimate atmosphere that welcomes your guests and allows them to feel closer to your family.