5% Goes to The Partnership with the Homeless!

After Ike's Bar Mitzvah at SPIN New York on April 7th, he has chosen to give back to The Partnership for the Homeless. It's another "Event that Gives Back!"

An excerpt from their website:

The Partnership for the Homeless has always based its work on the belief that homelessness is an unacceptable and avoidable part of the urban landscape. Our vision is of a world where housing is embraced as the human right that it is, fundamental to health and well-being and a prerequisite for prosperity.

Founded nearly three decades ago to provide emergency shelter, our work has expanded over the years to include an array of services for New Yorkers experiencing homelessness, at risk for homelessness, or who are rebuilding their lives after leaving shelters.

Through services that include outreach into New York's most hard pressed communities, help with health and mental health issues, financial and nutritional counseling, connecting clients to other benefits, and employment and education assistance, the Partnership is helping thousands of New Yorkers improve their lives every year.

Who We Help

We've placed a special focus on populations for whom homelessness is on the rise or assistance is underrepresented, developing models of practice that address each of their unique needs.

  • Families and Children — now comprising the largest segment of New York City's homeless population.
  • Chronically Ill — especially homeless individuals coping with or at-risk of HIV/AIDS who are often disconnected from health care.
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