Host a US Open Party!

With the US Open already under way the KBNY team wanted to give you some ideas for throwing your own themed party! We’re inspired even more by this event because it’s held in New York City at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. The US Open is the modern version of the US National Championships where men competed in the first single’s tournament in 1881. The US Open is the last of the four major world tennis tournaments held every year so we wanted to give you ideas to help you say goodbye to the tennis season in style.

  • Choose a color palette – the go to colors for tennis themed parties are typically yellow, green, and black.
  • Create your own cocktail and give it a fun tennis themed name like “Bourbon Backhand Smash.”
  • Buy small circle discs from a craft store and paint them to resemble tennis balls and use as coasters.
  • Have fun with the dessert spread! We posted some ideas on our Pinterest board!
  • Plan some tennis themed games for you guests to play! Here area couple ideas:
    • Tennis trivia – come up with some questions to ask throughout the event. Every 15 or 30 minutes ask a new question to keep up the competitive atmosphere. You can even give a prize to the person with the most points at the end of the night.
    • Hang up a piñata and have guests try to break it open with a tennis racket.

We also wanted to give you some extra ideas for your décor:

  • Make tea-light holders from halved tennis balls. Be sure to cut out the bottom for safety!
  • Fill large apothecary jars and vases with tennis balls.
  • Buy lime green paper lanterns to hang from the ceiling.
  • See more ideas on our Pinterest board!

Lastly, since it is the US Open add some American pride into your party with American Flag decorations!

  • You can buy mini flags, glue them to tooth picks, and use them at cupcake toppers.
  • You can also use American flags as part of the dessert spread or tablescape.

We hope you enjoy your very own US Open celebration! Send us photos on Twitter or Facebook if you try any of our ideas @KarenBrownNY.

Written by Emily Grosser, intern.