5% Goes to We Need Diverse Books

After working with our client on The Walter Dean Myers Symposium & Award Ceremony at the Library of Congress on March 16th, they have chosen to give back to WNDB (We Need Diverse Books). It's another "Event that Gives Back!"

An excerpt from their website:

WHO WE ARE. We Need Diverse Books™ is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and a grassroots organization of children’s book lovers that advocates essential changes in the publishing industry. Our aim is to help produce and promote literature that reflects and honors the lives of all young people.

OUR MISSION STATEMENT. Putting more books featuring diverse characters into the hands of all children.

OUR VISION. A world in which all children can see themselves in the pages of a book.

OUR DEFINITION OF DIVERSITY. We recognize all diverse experiences, including (but not limited to) LGBTQIA, Native, people of color, gender diversity, people with disabilities*, and ethnic, cultural, and religious minorities.

*We subscribe to a broad definition of disability, which includes but is not limited to physical, sensory, cognitive, intellectual, or developmental disabilities, chronic conditions, and mental illnesses (this may also include addiction). Furthermore, we subscribe to a social model of disability, which presents disability as created by barriers in the social environment, due to lack of equal access, stereotyping, and other forms of marginalization.

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The Walter Dean Myers Symposium & Award Ceremony: Library of Congress

What an honor it was to work with We Need Diverse Books on their annual symposium and award ceremony at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. 


The Walter Dean Myers Awards for Outstanding Children’s Literature, also known as “The Walter,” celebrates the legacy of author Walter Dean Myers (1937-2014). Myers served as the third National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature (2012-2013), authored over a hundred titles, and won countless awards, including two Newbery Honors, five Coretta Scott King Awards, the Michael L. Printz Award, and was a three-time National Book Award finalist. Throughout his prolific, lauded career, Myers was a life-long champion of diversity in children’s and young adult books.

Inaugurated in 2016, the annual Walter Dean Myers Awards for Outstanding Children's Literature recognize diverse authors (or co-authors) whose works feature diverse main characters and address diversity in a meaningful way. Two to four Honor Books are also named annually. We Need Diverse Books defines “diverse” to be one or more of the following: a person of color, Native American, LGBTQIA, a person with a disability, and/or a member of a marginalized religious or cultural minority in the United States.

The 2016 and 2017 Walter Award and Honor Books represented young adult titles only. The 2018 Walters include two categories: Teen (ages 13-18) and Younger Readers (ages 9-13). Future Walters will include both categories.

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