Charming Friends!

One of my dearest friends was visiting from Chicago this past week which I was absolutely thrilled about! I feel it’s rare to find “good” friends as we get older but sometimes you just luck out. I know I hit the jackpot with my “Lynde lady” (as I call her)! She just gets me and always seems to have the best advice for every situation. She has also been a go-to friend for business advice which is extremely helpful when you’re a sole proprietor trying to do everything on your own! We had a fabulous weekend catching up, meeting for cocktails and having wonderful dinners!

Before she left to go back to Chicago, she gave me a very-VERY special gift that I will treasure forever. When I saw the little hot pink box I was overjoyed of what might be inside…I had a hunch but still wasn’t 100% sure. Helen Ficalora (the designer of what was inside the little hot pink box) is one of my favorite boutique jewelry stores in Soho for custom charms so I was already imagining that what I would find inside would be very dear to my heart. Sure enough I was right! Lynde had bought a custom crown charm, the same as my business logo! I had previously told her that I was looking for something like this but was having a difficult time. I don’t know why I never thought to go to Helen Ficalora but it’s a good thing she did! I will always cherish this necklace, thank you Lynde lady!! xx