Weddings & Ice Cream!

My Brooklyn bride who lives in Boston was in town for the weekend so we made plans to meet for ice cream at a place called Amorino, located on University Place in-between Washington Square Park and Union Square. It was my first time there and I was very impressed with the variety of flavors they had to offer, as well as the fact that they only use organic and natural products. What is even more special (and creative!) is that when you order a cone they scoop the ice cream into “petals” to form what looks like a rose! It was a great afternoon treat!

It was great to see my bride and be a listening ear to her fears about planning a wedding that is fun for not only her and her fiance but for their guests and family members. She told me about her twin sister’s wedding which was the weekend before and how it didn’t go as smoothly as hoped. The in-house coordinators at the Long Island venue were not as organized as they should have been which put a big stress on the bride and caused a lot of tears, all things that should not happen to a bride on her wedding day! After witnessing that experience I think it solidified my bride’s decision about having a wedding planner. It was nice to hear her say that she was happy that I was planning her wedding and that she wouldn’t have to worry about being the one to trouble shoot on the actual day of her wedding. This is exactly why I love being a wedding and event planner because I can take the stress away from my client so they can actually enjoy being the host and participating at their own party!