Robert Rose Cocktail Reception!

I was excited when I got the call from Robert Rose, a jewelry line that has been featured on such celebrity driven shows as Wendy Williams, E! Entertainment, Project Runway, Entertainment Tonight and the Insider and often found in magazines such as InStyle, Elle, Glamour, Lucky, Essence, O Magazine and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

The owners needed help planning a cocktail reception on their showroom’s rooftop terrace during the New York Accessories Market Week and I was thrilled to help!

As luck would have it, the forecast showed rain for the night of the party and we had 48 hours to execute Plan B; tenting the terrace.

The party was a huge success despite the weather, which in the end never really rained! Regardless of having the tent, there was still a great view of the Empire State building.

Neuman’s did a fantastic job on the catering and the Milkbar cake was a hit!

74Events’ DJ, Duane, kept the party rock’n until the very end, finishing the night off with “We Are Family”, a tribute to the Robert Rose family.

To see more pictures, please visit the Karen Brown New York Facebook page.

Swarovski® Elements!

I had the pleasure of meeting Karen Curtis, a talented jewelry designer, on Friday at Oriental Fantasy’s “Paradise Dreams” happy hour, hosted by Lina Jang. Karen and her husband Aaron specialize in designing custom pieces using Swarovski elements which are mixed with sterling silver and/or gold-filled components. Karen happened to be wearing some of her jewelry and I was very impressed with the quality and her eye for style.

If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind, handcrafted jewelry for a special occasion, or even a unique light fixture for your home, check out her website!

Sweet Pops & Fashion!

If you’re in the Austin area and are looking for custom cake pops, check out Sweet Pop! I ordered a dozen custom pops to have delivered for my dear friend’s birthday today, co-founder of the popular “name your price” jewelry auction Ball + Chain. Ashley is a fashionista on a budget (check out her blog!) so I requested designer label pops, as well as a few with her business logo.

If you’re into the latest fashions, trends in jewelry and love  accessories, check out Ball+Chain’s NAME YOUR PRICE auction which is held every Tuesday at 8:00pm CST. There is FREE SHIPPING on all sales!

Charming Friends!

One of my dearest friends was visiting from Chicago this past week which I was absolutely thrilled about! I feel it’s rare to find “good” friends as we get older but sometimes you just luck out. I know I hit the jackpot with my “Lynde lady” (as I call her)! She just gets me and always seems to have the best advice for every situation. She has also been a go-to friend for business advice which is extremely helpful when you’re a sole proprietor trying to do everything on your own! We had a fabulous weekend catching up, meeting for cocktails and having wonderful dinners!

Before she left to go back to Chicago, she gave me a very-VERY special gift that I will treasure forever. When I saw the little hot pink box I was overjoyed of what might be inside…I had a hunch but still wasn’t 100% sure. Helen Ficalora (the designer of what was inside the little hot pink box) is one of my favorite boutique jewelry stores in Soho for custom charms so I was already imagining that what I would find inside would be very dear to my heart. Sure enough I was right! Lynde had bought a custom crown charm, the same as my business logo! I had previously told her that I was looking for something like this but was having a difficult time. I don’t know why I never thought to go to Helen Ficalora but it’s a good thing she did! I will always cherish this necklace, thank you Lynde lady!! xx