Hear About Our Virtual Intern’s Experience: Emily Grosser, event research

Karen Brown New York offers a virtual internship program four times a year and this summer we had the pleasure of working with Emily as our Event Research Intern.

Why did you choose to apply for a virtual internship opposed to a traditional office internship?

Emily: Many of the types of internships I wanted were based in cities that were very expensive places to live. I wanted to be able to stay home this past summer, and when I discovered that I could do a virtual internship, I was really excited. I also felt that it is a good experience to have, and that it would give me skills I might not be able to obtain from a traditional internship.

What are the pros of a virtual internship?

Emily: The main pro of a virtual internship is that you can work anywhere. You are able to stay where you need to be for the duration of the internship without having to figure out where you are going to live, how much it will cost, etc. Virtual internships are also a good way to get involved in the industry you are interested in. I know that if I had not considered a virtual internship I would not have had the opportunity to intern in the event planning industry.

What are the cons of a virtual internship?

Emily: One of the cons for this specific internship was that I did not have the time to make it to New York this summer to see an event in person. Not being able to see the finished product and not being able to see how things work on the day of an event is a little disappointing, but Karen posts pictures.

What advice would you give other students who are trying to decide if a virtual internship is right for them?

Emily: Look at your options. Figure out what your situation will be for the duration of the internship. Some virtual internships may leave you time to work outside of the internship, which can be helpful if the internship is unpaid. Look at the living options in the city you are considering for internships. If it is expensive to live in and you are worried about affording it, then a virtual internship might be a better option for you. Also know that getting a virtual internship is an experience that not many people will have, and it could set you apart when looking for a job in the future.

What advice would you give future interns on how to succeed as a virtual position?

Emily: Communication is key. Make sure you are checking your email frequently. Also make sure you are responding to the emails and asking questions when necessary. Another tip is to be a self-starter. Make sure you are getting your assigned tasks done as soon as you can. It is important to get information to the client as soon as possible. Enjoy the experience you have, and learn from it!