In an attempt to live a more fluid life and go with the flow, I find myself having many opportunities to put that concept into practice. Recently I was on my way to a Saturday community yoga class at CorePower where a friend was getting her final hours in for teacher training. As I made my way to Union Square on the 6 train in my yoga clothes, and dropped off my compost at the farmer’s market, I got a text from a friend saying there was an extra ticket to a brunch that several of our friends were going to, and it was mine if I wanted it. 

What an exciting opportunity, I thought! The only problem was, other than deciding if it would be ok to ditch my friend’s class, and the fact that I didn’t shower after my bike ride through Central Park that morning, was that it started in 15 minutes. All I had with me was my yoga bag, no change of clothes, and no makeup. Should I go, I thought? I don’t have time to go all the way home to the Upper East Side and back down to Park Avenue and 26th Street where the brunch was at. I also didn’t want to spend money to buy clothes and shoes. Makeup was easy. I could go to a Sephora and use their testers for free, as every New York woman does when they’re in a pinch and need a touch-up or a spray of perfume. 

I was inclined to turn down the offer but then my solution based mind came through and I thought, “I can go to Gretel’s on 23rd Street and 7th Avenue to borrow clothes, shoes and makeup!” I called her right away to see if I could raid her closet. As soon as I got the ok, I kicked my speed walking into high gear to get there. We’re the same size in everything, other than bra sizes. I’m much smaller in that area! Luckily I was wearing my cleavage enhancing sports bra that was perfect for the black, V neck shirt I borrowed. Within 20 minutes, and a splash bath in the bathroom sink, I was transformed from a yogi to a lady ready to brunch! As I made my way across 23rd to the east side, I felt so much gratitude. Gratitude for my friendships and gratitude for the opportunity to be spontaneous and practice shifting from one direction to another. The brunch of 70 was full of great conversations and meeting new people.

It went from a cocktail hour of mingling, to a sit down meal, to dancing our butts off as a DJ played tunes, to an after party in the West Village on Charles Street at a fellow Texan’s apartment who displayed his Texas Aggies pride everywhere. Sometimes when you’re traveling down a road to get to a particular destination, a Detour sign pops up and you have to make a decision to go in a different direction. You’re not sure where it will lead you but you trust that it will get you to where you’re supposed to be. That day I thought I was going to yoga, but the detour led me to a day full of unexpected surprises! Life is beautiful!