The Ladybug Purse

ladybug purse.jpg

On my last trip home to Texas my mom's friend Kathy asked if I would come over to help feng shui her home. She was in the process of "Kondoing" each room after binging on "The Art of Tidying Up." When I arrived she offered me iced tea and we sat at the round kitchen table covered with a yellow vinyl tablecloth. The four chairs that surrounded the table were rolling desk chairs, not typical dining chairs. As we began to chat, I asked a few questions to find out what her priorities were and what she wanted to accomplish during our time together.

We started the feng shui process at the back entrance. My goal was to help her clear off every surface as much as possible and store things in their proper place or find a better way to organize or display it. If the item no longer brought her joy, we would thank it and put it in the donation pile. Room by room we went until we got to her closet full of vintage clothes. She used to live in NYC in the 60's and pranced around town as if she was Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany's. She remembered where she got every dress, every handbag, every pair of shoes and the stories associated with where she wore them. When we got to a wooden purse with red and yellow ladybugs sprinkled on the front, my heart nearly jumped out of my chest. I was in love! It was made in Japan and had a cream silk lining on the inside. My nickname is Ladybug and it has always been a symbolic and spiritual meaning for me. I secretly coveted the purse but didn't dare ask if I could have it, nor did she offer it to me.

We then had to wrap up quickly to leave to meet a group of my mom's and Kathy's friends for dinner. I kept thinking about that purse, wishing it were mine but then would dismiss the thought because if it were mine by divine right, it would not pass me by. That's been my mantra for everything these days - jobs, income, relationships, my home, and now this purse.

After dinner, my mom and I were getting ready to leave and Kathy said, "I don't know what I was thinking, you must come back to my house before you go home so I can give you the ladybug purse. It's time for me to let it go and give it a new home, and of anyone I know, this purse belongs to you." I was elated! I've been practicing the art of detachment and letting go for quite some time now, trying not to get caught up on things being a certain way, and at this moment I felt I had made progress. In the end, the purse WAS mine by divine right, and it did not pass me by! I will carry it with pride!