North 7

North 7 road sign

On February 7th I submitted my resume for a position I thought I would be an ideal candidate for. After months of going through the interview process, and references being called, I found out on May 7th that the position was filled by someone else.

The Saturday before receiving the news was the Kentucky Derby. I knew nothing about the horses before the race began so I asked myself "what does your gut say about who the winning horse will be?" I chose 7 and felt so strongly about that being the winner. Sure enough my instinct was right and 2 minutes later Maximum Security, number 7, was declared the winner! Then 20 minutes later he was disqualified for crossing over into another horse's lane due to being spooked by the crowds. I was saddened by the results but didn't understand why. It's not like I was losing any money on the horse! After the race I left Sweetwater Social in Soho and headed towards Aster Place to board the 6 train with Annemarie. As we sat on the subway heading north, something triggered me. It was the realization that this year, 2019, I have consistently felt strong about something being one way, then another thing happens. As if my intuitive meter is off.

When I got the email on May 7th informing me the position had been filled by someone else, I was disappointed but surprisingly, not emotional. That is until my mother called that afternoon. I tell ya, mom's have that 6th sense to know when somethings up!

Before I told her about not getting the job, I let her lead the conversation. She said she wanted to share something with me but first needed to know if I liked yellow gold or white gold, and if I prefer 18" or 20" necklace chains. She was being cryptic and said she would tell me part of the story now but I would have to wait to find out the rest of the story when I was home in June. In an effort to "Kondo" her home, she remembered that she was paying for a safety deposit box where she was keeping all of her valuable jewelry that she collected over the years. When she went to get her things and close it out, she discovered that she had tucked away $7k in cash in case she ever found herself in a bind to pay property taxes.

She also found something that her uncle Bill gave her, something that came from Arizona and was wrapped up in something that told a story. That's all she would tell me about that "something" and said I would find out the rest this summer when I was in Dallas. She did mention that she had taken this "something" to a jeweler and is having something made for me and that it would be both my birthday and Christmas present since it was costing her $700.

At the time of our call I was in an Uber heading from Chelsea to Midtown East, and as I listened to her, tears began to flow. There it was again, the number 7 showing up in my sphere. I told her I found out that morning that I didn't get the job, and how the number 7 was coming up in so many places. As she said "I'm sorry, I've been praying for you" I could feel her hugs through the phone. I was also reminded earlier that day by my friend Alison, that 7 is considered God's number. Maybe there's a reason why 7 keeps popping up for me? Maybe it's to remind me that God is with me. That he's my North 7, leading me down this road, and while it may seem bleak at times, it's exactly where I need to be. For now.