One of the greatest rewards from what we do is receiving thank you notes and gifts from clients. It’s that immediate gratification of knowing you did a great job and made their day special, and a reflection of the connection we’ve made with them. Here are some of the wonderful things former clients are saying on Yelp, Google+, Wedding Wire and The Knot.

“Karen went above and beyond.”

Karen did the “day of” coordination for my wedding…but the help she provided went so far above & beyond just the wedding day.  She is a total pro and very organized…the type of person even a control freak like me is comfortable handing over the reigns to.  She was totally on top of my vendors to make sure everything arrived to the venue smoothly, and her creative eye for interior design came in very useful as she and her assistants set up the mountains of DIY decorations I created for the wedding.  Of course on the big day there were a few behind the scenes hiccups here and there (do things ever go perfectly?), but Karen kept calm & in control and made sure everything went as smoothly as possible.  Karen’s hard work totally paid off and thanks to her I was able to let loose, relax, and thoroughly enjoy my wedding day knowing that all of the details were in Karen’s capable hands!

— Stephanie L.

“We were able to stay in the moment.”

When I started to plan my wedding (Dec. 2013), Karen was the only person that I trusted. We had an aggressive schedule as my husband and I picked a date six months after our engagement. She was an incredible leader throughout the process. Her experience was invaluable as she was a disciplined planner, yet I was most impressed by her eye. I trusted her opinion on all of our aesthetic decisions, and she brought so much creativity and spirit to our day. The little details really make her stand out. She manages to take spontaneous, professional-quality photos of you when you least expect it. And she somehow knows exactly how to coach you.

Thanks to all of her thoughtful planning, my husband and I were able to fully enjoy our wedding day and stay in the moment. We had already thought through all of the minutia and we knew that Karen was keeping us on target throughout the day. We are so grateful.

— Rebecca G.

If you are a person who feels like a wedding planner is an unjustifiable expense and you can do it yourself, think again!

Lachlyn S.


“She's the best!”

I wanted to host a cocktail party for 30 friends but didn’t have the time. She thought of all the details and I got to enjoy my party. This would not have been possible without Karen.  She’s the best!

— Josh R

“Working with Karen was an absolute pleasure."

Karen Brown New York helped me plan my boyfriend’s surprise 40th birthday party and because of her, it went off without a hitch. Her attention to detail, willingness to go the extra mile and impeccable taste are the qualities I look for in an event planner but these days it is hard to find. Working with Karen was an absolute pleasure – she will treat your event as if it is her own.

— Marissa V.


“Highly recommend her to others!"

Karen was an absolute pleasure to work with.  She was extremely professional and a wonderful communicator. Our office picnic would not have been as successful without all of her help.  Hope to work with her again and highly recommend her to others!

— Tim W.

“Karen's dedication really shows through."

I’ve had the pleasure of attending and enjoying a number of events organized by Karen Brown NY and have always had an incredible time. Karen’s effort and dedication to each event really shows through, as does her personalized attention to each detail and her commitment for creating a fun and festive time. She is enthusiastic, personable, friendly, and will do whatever it takes to pull off a successful event!  I highly recommend her!

— Victor K.


Karen wil get things done fast and with perfection because that’s the only way she functions. You will NEVER go wrong having Karen involved in any of your events.

— Shannon B.


Karen is a master in keeping the plan on track.

For almost two years, Karen Brown firmly stuck with me throughout the whole long process of making my wedding a reality. My husband and I got married on a perfect weekend last April in Brooklyn. The wedding went on without a hitch, and it was better than anything I imagined. Karen is a master in keeping the plan on track, and she coordinated all possibilities no matter what happened the entire time. Something new always seemed to pop up, from an unexpected wedding date and location change, to me suddenly having to move to a completely different city 300 miles away, to ceremony changes, and to us considering starting from scratch to do a city hall wedding midway (which we didn’t).

Most importantly for me, since I had so much going on in my life, was that Karen created a personalized month-by-month checklist of what I need to do prior to my wedding date and followed up with me regularly for more than a year to make sure I created a guest list, bought my dress, sent out the save-the-dates, etc. When we were looking around for a venue and vendors, she took time out of her day to come along with us and asked them important questions that I didn’t even think of. She also formulated a timeline for the wedding weekend scheduling each happening by the minute and sent it to all the vendors and the wedding party to keep them in the loop. Having everyone on the same page just made everything run much smoother.

AND she seriously saved the day when our photographer couldn’t show up at our wedding. We would’ve had to make do with someone’s iPhone pics if it weren’t for her finding another photographer at the last minute! We couldn’t have been more grateful for having her as our planner that day. I thought she took care of that amazingly well: the original photographer called her the night before explaining he couldn’t come, and Karen then immediately contacted another photographer, who was thankfully available, and booked her that same night. Karen handled the crisis on her own before she told me on the morning of the wedding so that I didn’t have one more thing to worry about. I was completely stressed out in the days leading up to the wedding. If she called me the night before about this I would’ve lost my mind.

— Betty T.


I interviewed several planners in an attempt to find one who would help me plan my son’s “special” bar mitzvah celebration. We had a few challenges going in that would make our party a bit a-typical. First, our son has autism, as do many on his guest list, so there would need to be adjustments and accommodations and understanding from our planner who would need to be sure our vendors were all on the same page. Second, we needed the whole menu to be gluten free. Third (and most challenging), we had a “small” budget to work with. Plenty to throw a nice party but convincing anyone in the NYC bar mitzvah world of this proved to be quite difficult! And then I met Karen Brown. She was the only planner I met who didn’t tell me that I needed to rethink my budget. She was the only one who didn’t try to talk me into things I didn’t need (no I don’t need dancers to try to fire up my special needs crowd or a professional logo for signage). She was only one who came to me with an attitude of positivity and being ready for the challenge. She laid out a proposed budget within my limits and helped me prioritize and figure out where and how to save. She was creative and extremely resourceful and kept track of our expenses meticulously. She hunted down and bargained with vendors and presented me with several working options for each. She gave me a weekly “to do” list and kept me organized and on track with my own tasks throughout the process. She used vendors that not only were good quality and responsible, she supported vendors who do good work in the community as well (just like Karen who give a percentage of her fee to the charity of her client’s choice). We were organized and ready to go more than a week out.

And then Hurricane Sandy hit NYC that week and we hit our biggest challenge yet. Our original venue for our celebration was left without power so 3 days before the big day, we had to move everything from one location to another. We had to change our menu from just gluten free to kosher gluten free. We had to rearrange delivery with all of our vendors to comply with strict delivery times. We had balloons, desserts, wines and items for the party held hostage in powerless and flooded areas. It was nuts. And yet Karen took it all in stride and managed to gracefully and calmly address each issue, communicating and working with vendors and the temple, picking up and delivering items herself (driving through Manhattan with 36 inch round balloons floating out of the car window), reassuring me that everything was under control and was going to be just fine.

In the end the party was perfect – our son was thrilled and loved every minute of it. Our guests had a wonderful time, everything was smooth and seamless and fun and festive. It was truly the best party we have ever been to – both a great time and a really meaningful celebration and we will remember it forever.

— Melanie A.