Get to know the Karen Brown New York Team!

Karen Brown NYC sidewalk

Karen Brown
Founder, Creative Director & Lead Planner

Blessed with a creative spirit and having a degree and professional experience in interior design, Karen has an eye for style and a thoughtful awareness for the finishing touches. She has years of experience in collaborating directly with diverse clients and vendors to achieve great results. Business-savvy while possessing good social graces, she is adept at negotiating contracts for the best price and can keep an event on track and on budget like nobody’s business. She is the calm in the eye of a storm, and maintains a positive attitude throughout the entire process. She will always have your best interests at heart.

When Karen isn't scheming up plans for the next client event, she enjoys hosting her own personal dinner parties, running monthly 5k's, taking Spanish lessons and honing her Salsa dancing skills! 

Gustavo Galvan

Gustavo Galván
Event Manager

Gustavo is a designer from Dallas, Texas who has lived in Staten Island for seven years. After graduating from college, Gustavo started out working in costume fabrication at a studio in Manhattan, then moved on to form part of the Visual Merchandising team at Macy’s Herald Square for three years. As he continued to develop his passion for event design, he began serving as a creative design consultant for the Staten Island Museum. 

When not on the clock, Gustavo enjoys volunteering and exploring new things in and around the city. 

Antonia Koller headshot

Antonia Koller
Event Manager

Antonia is a true New Yorker. Raised on the Upper Westside, she brings an insider’s view of the city to her events. She has worked with Karen Brown New York on exciting corporate events around the country and believes that the fine details are what make events special. Her passion for planning and multi-tasking make her a top notch planner for any kind of event.

When Antonia isn’t in work mode, you can find her practicing Hot Yoga and meditating about her next tropical vacation.